Kendra Wilkinson Gave Kelsey Grammer a Piece of Her Mind

Kendra Wilkinson says she left in disgust when she saw Kelsey Grammer had brought his baby to a Playboy party last month. Kendra and her friend Jessica Hall tell TMZ the two saw Kelsey partying at the mansion with his 3-month old daughter Faith and really gave him a piece of their mind.

Well, not really. She just glared at him and left. “Oh, he KNOWS how I feel, trust me,” Kendra said, “I gave him that eye and I left because of that.”

Kelsey must be real broken up about that. Though you know you’re doing something wrong when Kendra Wilkinson of all people gets on her high horse and actually gets a few approving nods from people. Sigh. What happened to the Kendra we used to know and love. If they asked that Kendra for comment, she would have just shaken her t*ts at the camera.

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9 years ago

A man’s gotta party. The baby probably didn’t care, and likely was throwing his tiny baby fists up in the air to the beat.

9 years ago

She is right. Adults can do whatever they want at the Playboy mansion but it is obviously not an environment for children. Kelsey is a piece of work as is his wife of the week.

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