Kristen Stewart: ‘I Just Wanted Something in My Mouth’

Confirming suspicions as to why Robert Pattinson would agree to date and then go back to dating Kristen Stewart after she cheated on him, Kristen told Conan O’Brien the other day that she has an oral fixation.

Stewart explained how she recently quit smoking and that it wasn’t too hard since she wasn’t addicted to it to begin with.

“I was a bit of a faker, a circumstantial smoker. I just feel like I wasn’t addicted to nicotine,” Stewart explained and tried to carefully choose her next words, before giving in. “I just wanted something in my mouth.”

“Why did I do that?” she asked O’Brien, as a her face turned red from embarrassment.

“I’m glad for the Internet that you did do that,” Conan responded.

This. Explains. Everything!

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