Lindsay Lohan Kicked Her Assistant Out of Her Car Today

Lindsay Lohan faced 3 criminal charges today stemming from her Porsche accident in which she lied to the police. She told them she wasn’t driving and that her assistant Gavin Doyle was. Coming out of court today, Lindsay and her assistant piled into a waiting SUV when they got into a fight. Lindsay threw a hissy fit and kicked him out of the car. A transcription of the argument thanks to Gawker.

Lohan: …Just like you did with Sam.
Gavin: No, I didn’t!
Lohan: GAVIN, GET OUT OF THE CAR! GET OUT OF THE CAR, GAVIN! Get him out of the car! Get him out of the car, NOW! Gavin, get out! Gavin, get out of the f*cking car. Now.
Gavin: Okay. Never speak to me again.

Gavin took to Twitter to vent, albeit very sarcastically.

This probably had everything to do with Gavin not lying to the cops and saying he was driving. What kind of assistant is this Gavin dude? Doesn’t he know an assistant lays down their life for their employer, no questions asked? Sheesh. The nerve of this guy.

More importantly, now that Lindsay probably doesn’t have an assistant, how will she keep from snorting her food and chewing her coke? Everything is gonna be all backwards.

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