Lindsay Was Fighting Over Max from The Wanted

Reports are saying the one-sided fight between Lindsay Lohan and another club goer, where Lindsay punched her in the face, was over Max from The Wanted. Lindsay went to the Justin Bieber concert earlier that day to see The Wanted perform. She tried to get backstage but was blocked. Somehow she ended meeting up with them at a hotel bar and all of them went to Club Avenue together.

As the night went on, Lindsay got sloppy drunk which turned Max off. Not enough of a challenge I guess. Max, also drunk, started talking to another woman which pissed Lindsay off. Lindsay ended up punching her in the face while Max went home with a completely different girl.

Radar, however, has a different version of the story. They say Lindsay was drunk and doing coke and the fight started when the girl asked to take a picture with her. Lindsay said no and the girl went about her business. Lindsay wouldn’t let it go that she shoved her on her way to the bathroom. Then Lindsay sucker-punched her. “Lindsay went wild. She was kicking and screaming, cursing at the girl and then spit at her. The girl looked like she wanted to fight back at Lindsay, but was too startled by all the commotion to react.” This is a little weird because if Michael Lohan has taught her anything at all, it’s if you want to hit a woman, kick her straight in the box.

In other Lindsay Lohan is having a stellar day news, Lindsay is facing four criminal charges today in LA which should allow Lindsay to finally clinch the World’s Saddest Celebrity of the Year award which she’s been gunning for for years.

Law enforcement says Lindsay will be charged with three crimes in connection with her car accident last June on the PCH where she lied to cops about driving. One for giving false information to a peace officer, one for obstructing or resisting a police officer in the performance of his duty and another for reckless driving.

The fourth crime she’ll be charged with is for her assault on a girl in NYC.

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8 years ago

She still has farther to fall. It’ll be awhile before she hits rock bottom.

8 years ago

digusting hoe

8 years ago

When is that stupid slut going to spend some quality time in jail?

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