Rihanna Thinks Chris Brown Is Dope

Andy Cohen interviewed Rihanna through Facebook’s Facebook Live! streaming series yesterday and he played his word association game, “Spill the Tea,” with her. He started calling out pop stars and told her to say the first word that popped into her head.

There was Kanye West (“genius), Jay-Z (“even more genius”), Beyoncé (“gorgeous — a stab to my self-esteem), Nicki Minaj (“ass”) and Eminem (“he’s the sh*t”). Then Cohen went with Chris Brown. Said Rihanna, “He’s pretty dope, too. He’s kind of alright.” Asked if they were dating, Rihanna said they weren’t though kept smiling.

Cohen then pressed Rihanna about her duet with Chris called Nobody’s Business and whether the meaning is “as obvious as it appears.” Rihanna was a little cagey with her answer. “Nobody’s business is basically the way I look at everything regarding my personal life,” she said. “Even though you have to witness it, and it’s being documented at every second.”

So, yea, Rihanna and Chris are probably seeing each other on some level. If Rihanna was smart, one of the stipulations for them getting back together would be that Brown has to wear bubble wrap around his hands whenever he’s around her or encase them in marshmallows. Because if he’s going to punch her again, it might as well be delicious this time.

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Herman Bumfudle
Herman Bumfudle
8 years ago

:-/ uh. wishful thinking dude. that’s not what she said. but close enough.

8 years ago

Rihanna thinks Chris Brown is A dope. Fixed it.

Whitney 2.0
Whitney 2.0
8 years ago

Gorgeous for Beyonce? They both have over 10 # 1 hits
Beyonce is way betta babe..oh and no random cold sores or weed instagrams or low azz self esteem

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