The Blemish Got a Facelift

If you haven’t noticed already, The Blemish pulled a Bruce Jenner and got a facelift. This is far from the final version of the site since there’s more functionality coming in the near future. You can call this Phase 1. Want to know what’s changed? Here’s a quick rundown.

Image Viewer

There’s a new image viewer to play with. Both in the post and the gallery view. With the inline image viewer you can quickly scroll through all the images. But, if you want to see a bigger version, click the “View Gallery” button on the bottom of the image viewer. That’ll take you to the gallery page where you can zoom in. In addition, you’ll see descriptions of each image.

Side note: If you experience lag while loading galleries/etc., just wait a few seconds. The images are (re)generatingĀ themselves.


There’s a page that lists out all the galleries so you can actually browse galleries now! Finally.


Comments are moving away from Disqus. Disqus used to be pretty great but they decided to bloat their product and remove the ability to customize. Not that comments were customized before but the option was nice. You’ll also have to register to comment which should help prevent bots from telling you how you can make $500 every day from home.

The What List

There’s a new section called “What” short for “The What List” which is basically a collection of the interwebs which consists mostly of cute puppy videos.

Coming Soon

We’re looking to build up more sections in the future starting with movie reviews. We’re looking for some reviewers right now but it’s actually a long process. If you’re interested, get in contact with us. Timelines are also in the pipeline. With Timelines, all the news about one event will be visible on a single page. For example, the Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez breakup.

Something Broken?

Something not working for you. Get in contact and we’ll try to fix it.

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