Watch Megan Fox Read ’50 Shades of Grey’ to Dolphins

Acer paid Megan Fox to be in their commercial for the Aspire S7 ultrabook. It.. was really awkward. The story is Megan is passionate about marine life and wants to talk to dolphins. This is otherwise known as dumb ideas that girls think will give their life meaning and make a difference in the world. It’s like if I went on a hunt for a unicorn or tried to create a mathematical formula for how cute an animal is. Oh, well, see, there are so many variables. For example, how many feet does it have, how lightly does it twitch it’s nose and, most importantly, how wovable it is.

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8 years ago

She likes marine life does she? This is the same girl that is constantly being paped leaving SUSHI restaurants and said once that Sushi was her favorite food. Once again caught in lies – and the acting… *cringe*

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