Abigail Breslin Punched a Stuntman in the Eye

Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine) is now 16 and has gone from sweet innocent girl to a troubled teen who punches anyone who looks at her funny. No, just kidding. She did punch a stuntman in the eye but it was purely accidental. *Wink wink*

While filming in Canada forĀ Final Girl, a Tyler Shields thriller about a girl who fights off a pack of feral men otherwise known as any Hollywood club ever, Breslin insisted on doing her own stunts.

Last week she shot an action scene in which she hung out a car and was supposed to knock out her scene partner. Things didn’t go as planned as Abigail accidentally punched the guy too hard and he had to be rushed to the on-set medic.

Now the guy has a giant black eye and whenever people ask him about it, instead of saying he got his ass kicked by a 16-year-old girl, it’d be less embarrassing for him if he said he “fell down some stairs” and he “would rather not talk about it” and that “it was an accident, she isn’t usually like this.”

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Brian DeFrancesco
Brian DeFrancesco
8 years ago

Uh, huh. And you guys obviously don’t know when you’re being handed a Hollywood publicity piece.

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