Actress Sharon Leal Funds Her Album Through Kickstarter

You may have heard of KickStarter. It’s an awesome way for independents or anyone actually to get crowdsourced funding for their ideas. Everyone’s using it. This includes Sharon Leal who you may remember fromĀ Dream Girls andĀ Why Did I Get Married Too? She’s trying to get a KickStarter campaign going for her album. Why? Well, she’s glad you asked.

A lot of celebs are doing crowd funding campaigns like David Fincher and Whoopie Goldberg. Now, why would you decide to do KickStarter campaign?

Well I actually didn’t decide to do it, Paul Becker did. He came across some notebooks of mine and a bunch of recordings I did of songs that I wrote and encouraged me to pursue it… So he put up this page and we just launched it. The one things that I think is cool about KickStarter is that it gives the fans the chance to interact with the artist and also gives them an opportunity to get some pretty cool prizes along the way. I would have never of thought of this.

Why not go to a record label for the money? Are they not giving out free money anymore?

You said it! They aren’t. I was with a label in the past and It just didn’t work out. I actually like doing it independently so I can have complete creative control. I am having a great time in the studio and working with some talented musicians. I just like this creative process right now. It is very free.

If you could do a duet with any artist…who would it be?

Michael Buble, and Bruno Mars.

You are starring in a lot of movies coming out next year. What were your challenges preparing for the role of a sex addict in your upcoming film Addicted?

Well I slept with as many men as I could find in a short period of time…of course I am kidding!! But seriously, it was an intense role and the director Billy Woodriff, William Levy, Boris Kudjoe, and the cast and crew were all great.

Wait, I sort of blacked out after she said she slept with as many men as she could. I hope whatever she said after that doesn’t change anything.

You can find Sharon’s KickStarter here.

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