Ariel Winter’s Mother Sounds Amazing

If you haven’t been following the Ariel Winter saga, here’s a quick recap. 14-year-old Ariel Winter (Alex Dunphy from Modern Family) was removed from her mother, Chrystal Workamn’s, custody after allegations of emotional and physical abuse. A judge determined the allegations were serious enough to give temporary guardianship with her older sister Shanelle Gray. Shanelle, coincidentally, was also removed from Chrystal by DCFS based on similar allegations and was placed in foster care for 2 years.

Today, publicist Jonathan Hay says Chrystal bugged him all week saying she had nude photos of Shanelle she wanted to secretly “leak” to the public. Possibly as a means of revenge or to discredit her. Who knows. Hay refused feeling she was trying to “sell out her daughter” (hey look, we got Captain Obvious over here) and he wanted to help Ariel.

Hay has been contacted by Ariel’s legal team but it’s not clear how much of a role he’ll play in the custody battle.

It’ll be amazing if Ariel Winter doesn’t end up as screwed up as Lindsay Lohan. Not even Dina would “leak” nudes of Lindsay if she ever became estranged. But that’s only because Lindsay already did that herself. Well played, Lindsay, well played.

  • NotTrue

    Yet she wasn’t dressing skimpy in public until after her sister became her guardian. Please, she even had a breast reduction so people wouldn’t stare, and at that point she was on her own, so she can’t blame mommy. And if you have been keeping up with her, she was actually dressing conservative when she lived with her mother. She’s just trying to deflect how people are trashing her now, when it’s her sister who did a horrible job teaching her values.

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