Deadmau5 Is a Romantic, Proposed to Kat Von D on Twitter

Because Deadmau5 is the most romantic man in the world, he whipped out his fanciest keyboard and tweeted “Will you marry me” to Kat Von D.

She said “yes,” sort of.

Deadmau5 seemed thrilled.

And I guess Epic Meal Time is catering the wedding.

I don’t know if this is the laziest proposal or the ballsiest. Yea, he just Tweeted a picture of the ring and he could have done all this sitting in his underwear while scratching his balls but there was always a chance Kat Von D could have not responded and then unfollowed him which would have been awk-ward for him and his 1.8 million followers. I mean, what then. Do we tweet him a picture of a guy patting a grieving friend on the back or one of Nelson Muntz pointing at him and going “Ha! Ha!”

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