Everyone Thought Amanda Seyfried Was Having a Stroke, Is Drunk

The New York Daily News says Amanda Seyfried’s singing was so bad in Les Miserables that the cast and crew thought she was having a stroke. Normally, the cast all wear a special earpiece to keep them on key and in time but Amanda would always forget hers somewhere.

Eddie Redmayne says during one duet, it was like listening to Hellen Keller. “I was doing a romantic duet with Amanda (Seyfried) and she was singing off-tune and slightly off-tempo, and I kept thinking, ‘This is an interesting take on the song’. We got to the end and she admitted she didn’t have her earpiece on. She was just singing along a cappella. I was too embarrassed to tell her.”

Amanda admits that everyone thought she was having a stroke. “I would leave it (the earpiece) somewhere and I wouldn’t want anybody to know. I would just pretend I had it in. They all thought I was having some kind of stroke. It was kind of funny when we cut. They would be like, ‘What’s wrong with you?'”

Thankfully, it wasn’t a boy who cried wolf situation where she was actually having a stroke and had to answer with half her face paralyzed, “Oh my awd I yem hafing a stoke.”

Also, last night on The David Letterman Show, Amanda admits that she needs some liquid courage before every live interview she does. Her drink of choice? Whiskey. Preferably Midleton.

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