Former Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton Was Working as an Escort

The Smoking Gun, via Deadspin, uncovered what Olympic runner Suzy Favor Hamilton has been doing since she retired in 2006. Suzy, now 44, has been working as a real estate agent by day with her husband and a $600/hr escort in Vegas by night with random Johns.

She just quit now that everybody found out. God, it’s like she can never finish anything!

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9 years ago

Lessee. . . did she shoot someone? Steal money from widows and orphans? Start a pointless and unnecessary war?

Nope, nope, and nope.

In other words, BFD. A woman made a few guys happy, made herself some money, and, as far as anyone can tell, nobody got the slightest bit of hurt.

It’s time we all grew up.

7 years ago

Love this kind of objective “storie”. Lets be objective about the word “trash”. Some people call this trash. Hell, take a look at america. America was sold out years about by politicians. Where are all the good paying jobs going, over sea’s. Thank a politician, trash! Cash advance store. Trash! Most people making 6 figures, trash because they are willing to lie and group up to…………….you guessed it, TRASH, another human being for said money and job security. That’s experience talking from a honorably discharged army combat veteran (who actually did something for this country) who stands behind a fellow… Read more »

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