Harry Styles Probably Banged a Bunch of Coeds

At least that’s what I’m assuming from this report by The Mirror which says that hours after waving sayonara to Taylor Swift as she flew off to Germany, her boyfriend, One Direction’s Harry Styles, turned up at a house party with a bunch of college coeds at 1:30 am.

He left a group of girls beside themselves on Friday night when he arrived at their flat in Doncaster, S Yorks.

The four teenagers were over the moon when he popped in on his way home from a party.Harry is a friend of one of the girls who lives there. One, Rosie Perkins wrote: “Harry Styles was actually in my flat last night OMG big lols.”

One tweeted about a friend, “He told her she was very attractive and to take off her Minnie Mouse suit lol.”

Sadly that tweet wasn’t followed by, “And then he told her to get on her knees and lick the peanut butter he smeared on the floor. LOL! ROFL!”

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9 years ago

What’s up with the girl to the far left? And why is Julianne Moore standing next to her?

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