Hugh Hefner Engaged to Crystal Harris. Again

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris are engaged again. If you don’t remember, Crystal and Hugh were engaged back in June 2011 but she left him five days before the wedding because she thought she could start a music career using Hugh’s connections. Looks like that didn’t work out. Also,¬†Hugh sounds pretty forgiving considering this is the same girl who said he lasted only two seconds in bed and was looking to sell the engagement ring.

Sources say ever since Harris moved back into the Playboy Mansion earlier this year, they’ve worked out their differences and decided to try the marriage thing again. Sources add that Harris feels the time they spent apart was good for her as it taught her how to be independent and “stand on her own two feet.” Which is going to help her a lot when she marries Hugh and gets pampered every day while living in a mansion. It’s better to learn sooner rather than later how to put your foot down when the housekeeper asks for Christmas day off.

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