Ian McKellen Has Prostate Cancer

Ian McKellen has had prostate cancer for the past “six or seven years” but he isn’t going to die from it because he’s Ian McKellen.

“Many, many men die from it but it’s one of the cancers that is totally treatable so I have ‘waitful watching’. I am examined regularly and it’s just contained, it’s not spreading. I’ve not had any treatment.”

“You do gulp when you hear the news. It’s like when you go for an HIV test, you go ‘arghhh is this the end of the road?’

“They come and say you have cancer of the prostate and then they say you can have it zapped, you can have it snipped but you are not a candidate for that. You are waitful watching.

“I have heard of people dying from prostate cancer, and they are the unlucky ones, the people who didn’t know they had got it and it went on the rampage. But at my age if it is diagnosed its not life threatening.” Mirror

When regular people find out they have prostate cancer, they throw every treatment at it. When Ian McKellen has prostate cancer, he just looks at his prostate and tells the cancer to “Come at me, bro!” and when it just sits there scared out of its mind he just scoffs and mutters, “Yea, that’s what I thought. Pu**y!”

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