It Wasn’t Lindsay Lohan’s Fault

In Lindsay Lohan’s world, nothing is her fault and everyone is out to get her. Like that time she hijacked a SUV to chase after her assistant and then got arrested with coke in her pocket. Framed. Or like that time she was caught stealing jewelry from a store. Evidence planted. Or like this time when she was accused of punching a psychic. It was a setup. A source said, “She was crying and kept asking, ‘Why does this happen to me? This is a setup! I don’t deserve this . . . It’s not my fault!'”

The Post says the incident happened after Lohan accused the psychic, Tiffany Eve Mitchell, of stealing her sister Ali’s purse which had $10,000 cash in it that Lindsay gave Ali to pay for her brother’s school fees. Oh and it probably had another five grand in it to give to those down on their luck Ethiopian kids. And food for the homeless. And in the side pocket was a cure for cancer.

The source adds, “Lindsay says she never hit the girl. She just went over to find if they had her sister’s purse. They were looking around the area, but the girl was sitting at the table, and some pushing started. Lindsay says the purse was never found. She’s desperate to find where the money is.” But another source told us the bag was indeed returned.

Naturally, Tiffany already hooked up with celebrity ambulance chaser Gloria Allred. I hear every time a celebrity punches someone, Gloria Allred spikes a kitten into the ground out of sheer joy. Hm, I’m not sure why I said that.

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