Katt Williams Slapped a Target Employee

It’s safe to say Katt Williams is still crazy. Fresh off of leading police on a tricycle chase, Katt was at a Sacramento Target on Sunday where he got into an argument with an employee and ended up slapping him in the face. The employee called the cops.

But it was too late. Before police arrived, Katt Williams made a semi-speedy getaway on a motorized shopping cart.

Sources then say Katt ditched the cart and escaped on his three-wheeled motorcycle.

The greatest thing about this story? None of it was made up. It all happened. This. Man. Is. AMAZING.

  • Katt Williams is not crazy. He is being set up because he spoke the truth about Obama, Bush, GMO’s, politics in general, and weed. If the feds can create fake Obamas, Bin Ladens, and Bushes to distract the public, how hard would it be for them to come up with a Katt Wiiliams look alike and then send him to cheap stores like Target to set up trouble. I am white so I know how white people operate and I especially know how the American government works, especially if you speak out against a Bush or Obama. Listen to Katt! He speaks the truth and his life is suffering for it.

    • Clayton Lafave

      lol katt Williams isn’t crazy the conspiracy people are setting him up BC he spoke the truth about the govt

  • Lolwut

    The dude going on about conspiracies and how he’s white so he knows how white people work…. LOL!!! Retard.

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