Ke$ha’s ‘Die Young’ Single Taken Off Playlists

Last Friday, 26 people including 20 children died in the Newtown shooting so now is the perfect time to overreact to anything that could even be remotely related to child death. First up is Ke$ha’s newest singleĀ Die Young.

Radio stations around the country are pulling the song from rotation in the wake of the tragedy. Mediabase, a company that tracks radio airplay, measured the single at #3 on radio playlists last Friday reaching 167 million listeners. By Saturday, 164 million listeners. By Monday, 148 million listeners.

According to a “music expert,” the last time a song dropped this quickly was when the Dixie Chicks were banned from country radio after insulting President Bush.

Granted, another explanation could be that Ke$ha makes awful music and people are now finally realizing it.

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9 years ago

This song has nothing to do with the elementary shooting. This is absurd. Why are people getting offended. It’s an effing song for crying out loud. Geeze…

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