Kim Kardashian’s Kitten Died, Not From Too Much Love

Kim Kardashian killed her cat after sitting on it with her big ass. No, just kidding. I didn’t mean that. Her cat, Mercy, actually had to be euthanized due to a rare cancer-like virus often associated with breeding. Don’t worry, in the end, it wasn’t really HER cat anymore.

The teacup Persian kitten was given to her by Kanye West but Kim soon found out she was allergic to cats so she gave it away to her sister Khloe’s assistant Sydney Hitchcock. Hitchcock’s cat of 17 years had recently died. At the time, it seemed like a nice getsure.

However, on Nov. 26, Mercy was limp and not moving. They rushed her to the hospital where the vet diagnosed her with a fatal cancer-like stomach virus. Without very many options, Hitchcock decided to euthanize the cat.

In hindsight, that seems like a horrible gift to give a woman whose cat of 17 years had just passed. Hey, I’m allergic to cats so here’s a really cute four month old kitten. You’ll probably get attached to it pretty quickly on account of her being so darn cute but don’t worry, she’ll die in a couple weeks. Kthnxbye! Wait, what?

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8 years ago

gawd ! she’s really disgusting ..
who the hell does she think she’s kiddin’ …
ewwwww lawd !

8 years ago

“Mercy?” More like Mercy Killing, amirite? Hello?

8 years ago

you ugly kardasian should go to hell!damn you, fake!!!everything from you is all fake

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