Liam Hemsworth Got Into a Street Fight in Philly

Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend Liam Hemsworth got into a street fight Sunday morning in Philly. Sources say Liam left a bar when he confronted a man who he thought threw a rock at him and his friend.

It’s not clear what happened next but by the time the video starts rolling, the guy Liam was talking to was grabbing his leg like a girl begging her man not to leave. According to TMZ, Liam was having none of that and punched him in the face and pushed his head into the ground while Liam’s friend helped hold him down.

Cops arrived but no arrests were made and Liam ran off with his friend.

In a short post-fight clip, the victim said, “I don’t think [Liam] fared much better.” Tragic because it shows just how drunk this dude is. The way he tells the story to friends tomorrow, he’ll probably be fighting 5 guys and he’ll have knocked 4 of them out while the 5th ran away and then he’ll flex his muscles while all the girls look at him funny.

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