Lilo vs. Amanda Bynes: Whose Crazy Would Make For a Better TV Show?

Whether or not Lindsay Lohan wants to admit that her tiara for “Most Moving Violations by a Former-teen Star” is on the brink of being seized by the troubled Amanda Bynes, one thing’s for certain – we’d pay big bucks to watch these two delinquent starlets vie for the crown, reality TV style.

Don’t even try to pretend you wouldn’t tune in. You can’t deny there’s something wickedly captivating about reality TV shows; they feed our voyeuristic appetites, make us feel better about ourselves, and they provide low-risk spice to an otherwise mainstream vanilla lifestyle. Simply sprinkle in a couple of wayward former teen stars and we’d have a juicy recipe for small screen success.

While we’d love to see what happens if we threw the two into the same, series gladiator style, odds are that’s not going to happen as evidenced by Bynes’ desperate avoidance of Lohan when the two were in the same city at the same time a few weeks ago. Guess we’ll just have to accept we’ll never see a Lohan vs. Bynes drunken demolition derby; the only way these two will duke it out in a reality TV show is via ratings. So, which star’s crazy would make a better reality TV show? Let’s break it down:

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9 years ago

Amanda didn’t fail a Breathalyzer. She refused to take it.

Larry Putzgerald
Larry Putzgerald(@the-blemish)
8 years ago
Reply to  David

You and your “facts.”

8 years ago

amanda is awsome and i don’t belive any of that because they don’t have proof by showing you a viedo or any thing but i do belive all of lindsays problems

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