Lindsay Lohan Knows She’s in a Downward Spiral

According to reports, Lindsay Lohan knows she’s hit rock bottom again and admits she needs professional help but of course she blames it on everyone else because nothing is ever her fault and she’s always a victim.

Lindsay says she’s gotten in with the wrong crowd again and ran into a lot of opportunists along the way who’ve tried to provoke her. She is still adamant about not having a drug or alcohol problem. She does say she has impulse control issues and that the only way to work through her problems is counseling. This is coincidentally what the judge in her probation case may recommend for her to avoid jail time.

None of this is surprising of course. It’s the same story every time. Lindsay never takes responsibility for anything and always looks for the easiest way out. I’ve already pre-written posts for her court case, the judge scolding her for not showing up to counseling, her pleas to be given another chance and her subsequent relapse.

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