Lindsay Lohan Wouldn’t Kiss Charlie Sheen’s Gross Mouth

The first thing any actress learns in Hollywood is you never go mouth to mouth with Charlie Sheen. It’s the equivalent of atm in porn.

A source close to Lindsay says she refused to kiss Charlie Sheen for a scene in Scary Movie 5 because she has no idea where it’s been. Not like her mouth. Everyone knows where that’s been. *Makes slurping noises* Amirite?

Lindsay wouldn’t do it even when both parties signed releases that they didn’t have cold sores. So there was nothing to worry about. Come on. Charlie’s word is as good as his bond….sman.

Instead, they had to use a body double for the scene which sort of worked but they pretty much wrote out the kissing scene entirely. Charlie didn’t seem too stressed about it. He still gave Lindsay $100k afterward.

All in all, this just seemed like a case of the pot calling the kettle a dirty, disease-ridden whore.

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8 years ago

They had to sign releases that they didn’t have cold sores…Hollywood sounds like a wonderful place.

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