Miley Cyrus Grabbed Her Crotch, Surfed the Crowd

Last night on VH1 Divas, Miley Cyrus, who kind of looked like Sharon Stone, put on her best Road Warriors costume (not sure if she was Animal or Hawk), crowd surfed and grabbed her crotch while covering Billy Ido’s Rebel Yell.

At least I think she was grabbing her crotch. She could have also been scratching it. Who knows. Maybe the leather was chafing.

Wait, that’s not real crowd surfing. Her people just carried her through the crowd. That’s cheating. It’s like saying you ran a marathon when what you really did is pay a homeless guy to pull you 26 miles on a rickshaw.

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8 years ago

She was awesome! Great and fun performance that got the audience engaged. So many were just blah. Definitely made it her own, while keeping the spirit.

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