Muay Thai in America Was on Saturday

If you know me, you know the only sport I love more than MMA is Muay Thai so when I got an invitation to attend Muay Thai in America: In Honor of the King, I of course said yes. This event at the Raleigh Studio in Playa Vista was a celebration for the King of Thailand’s 85th birthday. Fighters like Simon Marcus, Sadibou Sy, Amanda Kelly, Julie Kitchen, Christophe Pruvost and Chike Lindsay all punched, kicked, kneed and elbowed each other in honor of the king. Being the king sounds like a pretty sweet gig. The fact that Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden showed up like they were attending an old school movie premiere was just icing on the cake. Thanks to Jim at Media Giants for the invite. Anyway, a few people who showed up included Melissa Mishele, Brian Ronalds, Fiona Bates, that one girl from last season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and a few others.

And of course there were actual fights that went on. Blood was drawn in the fourth round of the very first fight. You can’t tell by the pictures, but the guy who was bleeding won. Who says leg kicks don’t finish fights? A good rundown of the fights here if you’re interested.

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8 years ago

She is a clone of Anna Marie. She will be used up by greedy people in the same way Anna was. SAD!

8 years ago

Whoops, I meant Anna Nichol Smith.

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