Nick Cannon Saved Himself for Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon told Howard Stern this morning that he was totally cool with Mariah Carey’s beliefs which meant no sex before marriage. “I didn’t care. It’s one of the most beautiful women to ever walk the planet.”

Something must have gotten lost in translation. Though I don’t see how one can misinterpret Mariah saying, “I don’t cavort with the help,” as, “I don’t believe in sex before marriage.” Maybe Nick is just an optimist or really, really good at holding an umbrella.

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8 years ago

they dated for 2 months-lots of people date for 2 months before having sex-besides he has probably gone a lot longer with out sex since they have been married-it’s pretty obvious MeMe doesn’t like sex and by the time she takes off the fake eyelashes, hair fingernails, scapes off the layers of make up bronzer and spanx releases the blubber wall by undoing her titanium corset wonder bra and strips off the rolls of fashion tape holding her huge fake mass together Nick is already finished in the theatre room watching 20 year old strip videos that have been photo… Read more »

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