Paul McCartney Fronted Nirvana With Dave Grohl

At first nobody believed the rumors that Paul McCartney was going to front a Nirvana reunion last night at the Sandy benefit concert. They thought The Sun was joking when they reported that McCartney said Grohl phoned him and asked him to “jam with some mates.” Those mates being Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear.

People thought it had to be a joke because Paul “didn’t really know who they were” and had no clue what they were talking about when they started saying “how good it is to be back together” after having not played together since 1994. “Whoa? You guy shaven’t played together for all that time?,” asked Paul.

That’s when someone whispered to him, “That’s Nirvana. You’re Kurt.” Paul couldn’t believe it. Neither could anyone else apparently. But it happened. Paul McCartney did actually front a Nirvana reunion at last night’s Relief for Sandy Concert. They played a new song titledĀ Cut Me Some Slack. Paul even did his best Cobain impression which sounded more like Steven Tyler. It was weird.

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