Ray Elbe, ‘TUF’ Alum, Fractured His Penis

In a post started on the OG forum (via BE), Ray Elbe, a past contestant on UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter, describes the time 12 days ago when he fractured his penis from rough sex. He explains how it happened in great detail (over enthusiastic girlfriend) and writes about his hospitalization afterward. He even includes pictures. I’m just going to re-post his updates in full because he describes it way better than I could

Girl was on top… Went higher than 8 1/2″ I’m the air and Arona’d my dyck.

Dr. Is sending me for ultra sound now…stuck waiting for the dyk specialist.

When it first happened…blood was everywhere…to the point I passed out.

Falling face first I ko’d myself on the floor–very smally chipping two teeth and busting my chin–

10 stitches later…

My dyck is throbbing with each heart beat…but after the pain injection they’ve given me…the balls ache is gone

No open fracture.

Dr just did MRI.

Fracture and a slight tear in the urinary tube.

Surgery tonight…Dr. Said diagnostic is for a full recovery…though I’ll be in the hospital for 3 days…and be forced to take anti erection pills for 2 weeks

In limbo it is still flowing from the one eye…

They have been trying to clean the dry blood of my swollen shaft in between my tears and pleads for them to be gentle

Okay…quick update.

Surgery was successful…(if you can say that)?!

I’ve been in the hospital since Monday, however they are expecting to discharge me tomorrow sometime. Medical bills are currently about 6,000$USD which is a fraction of what it would cost in the USA I’m sure.

I’ve been doped up most of the week, literally unable to move.

Their has been a tube stuck out of the small hole at the end of my pee-pee which has allowed me to go urinate without having to get out of the bed…however I must admit, seeing the amount of blood leaking from the hole onto the sheets has made me feel like puking every morning.

the worst part of this has been the fact that literally everyone who works in the hospital has come in asking to see my shaft out of curiosity. Guess in a muslim country this type of accident isn’t as frequent as you  would suspect.

The doctor who performed my operation has done 3 others prior to mine…with the last being a 60 year old man, who had a full recovery.

Those of you asking for pics…I’ve taken some via my Iphone everyday…but trust me…they are brutal…the few friends I’ve sent them to have literally puked.

Lesson learned– I will never let a girl on top again. Everything was under control until 1 bounce went a ”little” too high.

…on a side note—looks like I will be getting engaged in Boracay next month.

she’s been by my side the entire time I’ve been going through this ordeal, even explaining to my folks back home why I needed $$$ transferred into my international account.

In an attempt to make it up to me…she has promised me a threesome of my choice when we get to the Philippines…which usually has some solid talent.

Today I learned the word enema.

Id heard of enemas before, truth be told lots of backpack loving hippies use to get coffee induced enemas in Phuket as some part of a crazy “detox”

Unknowing giving them the wrong answer every time the nurse came into the room asking about wether I went “2”?…they decided to enduce it.

Catheter still attached to my cawk, the nurse asked me to turn onto my side as she plungered me from behind with an explosive diareah mixture from what felt like a turkey master.

Sitting on my side for the longest 15 minutes of my life, my stomach exploded from the inside as the catheter dilated my cawk hole to a diameter even a prego crackwhore would be impressed with.

Topping this entire ordeal, the nurse grabbed my pee filled catheter bag from the bed, and Melvin Manhoef led me to the bathroom as I splattered the toilet with a constant spray even Nick Diaz would have been impressed with.

suffering through the nurse stand in the bathroom and watch/listen/suffer this violent eruption of 5 days worth of hospital food…I realized just how bad of a day I’ve been having.

With turd speckled butt cheeks…the nurse then leaded me to the shower…where she held my piss bag, as I used one hand to stabilize my throbbing “family jewels”—and washed my turd covered booty–in the shower.

Terrible day.

On the bright side…they released me today.

17,000 RN so far…

But I can’t help but wonder how much this emergency ride/surgery would have cost with good ol’ Obama Care….

My next appointment is Dec.19 where the Dr. Is going to remove the catheter currently strapped to my leg and inspect the repairs after the surgery.

…please keep the well wishes for Minnie Me on your prayers lists…

And of course, the pictures.

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