Rihanna Wants Time Off For a Baby?

With Rihanna getting back with Chris Brown, it’s time to start those baby rumors. First up is a rumor that Rihanna asked her record company for time off to start a family. Bad decision babies are all the rage these days.

“She asked her record company when the best time would be for her to take off, as she wants a baby,” an insider revealed to Closer.

“They just stared at her. Everyone was pretty open-mouthed. But she hasn’t got any time free in her diary until 2014.” Entertainmentwise

One person who’s not happy about any of this Chris/Rihanna news is Rihanna’s mom, Monica Braithwaite. She’s been calling Rihanna asking what she’s doing with her life and yelling, “Is this the type of man you want as your baby’s dad? He’s acting just like your dad used to.”

Naturally, anything your mother screams at you about has a reverse psychology effect. Her disapproval has made Rihanna more┬ádetermined┬áto marry Chris which friends are speculating is happening on New Year’s Eve due in part to Rihanna asking them to keep NYE free. That, or, you know, she’s planning a big New Year’s Eve party.

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