Rita Ora Cheated on Rob Kardashian With Jonah Hill

Rob Kardashian got a little huffy on Twitter earlier this month when he scribbled about his ex-girlfriend, who never really considered herself his girlfriend, Rita Ora, slept with 20 dudes while they were “together.”

One of the 20 dudes was apparently Jonah Hill. Yea, that one. Wait, why do I even have to clarify? How many Jonah Hills do you know? What? Well la dee da, aren’t you Mr. Popular?

Anyway, a source says, “Rita spent the night with Jonah during a trip to New York.” Seems like an odd pairing but Jonah probably seduced her with his collection of placenta pictures. You can’t pull out those pictures without at least one woman getting wet.

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k o
k o
8 years ago

Huge star in Europe
3 # 1 hits over the pond

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