Steven Seagal Amuses Randy Couture

Yesterday we brought you news that Steven Seagal responded to an off-handed remark made by MMA legend Randy Couture in which he joked the only thing that would bring him out of retirement would be a fight with Steven. Randy probably made Steven crap his pants a little and he didn’t even have to choke him out.

Anyway, Seagal puffed up his chest and told Ariel Helwani that he’d fight Randy anytime and any place as long as there were no witnesses.

CagePotato threw the mic back to Randy and asked him about Seagal’s “challenge.”

“I’m the one that started the joke as an off-handed comment I made to Jay Glazer — that I’d only come out of retirement if it were to fight Seagal. Obviously now somebody has talked to him about it and it has gotten some legs,” Couture chuckled to us over the phone today.

“I’m not surprised that he wants to do it in private, remote location where nobody could see it happen. Obviously I intended it as a joke. I don’t think it would really happen.”

Couture is clearly bemused by the actor’s ominous-sounding statements. Asked if he was intimidated by Seagal’s claim that the fight would be truly no holds barred, Couture neatly replied, “I don’t think that changes the nature of the fight at all.”

Can you imagine a no holds barred fight between Couture and Seagal with no witnesses? Randy would be sitting there warming up and waiting and all of a sudden he sees Steven amble in clutching a box of donuts. When Randy asks Steven what’s up with the donuts, Steven will just tell him matter-of-factly, “Donuts are what I derive my power from,” and then he’ll open up the box to show Randy and say, “SO MUCH POWER! Do you still want to fight?” And then he’ll just start stuffing donuts into his mouth as if he was worried Randy was gonna steal one from him.

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