Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Already Making Out in Public

Taylor Swift and One Direction’s Harry Styles’ relationship is already progressing quickly. She must need new material for her next album stat!

“Taylor and Harry [were] being very smoochie,” a source at the party told PEOPLE. “They definitely [looked] like a couple.”

According to the source, Swift (who is up for three Grammys) and Styles held hands and he seemed “really protective of her” and kept his arm around her during the party.

They shared plenty of kisses, too, and didn’t seem to mind if anyone saw. Says the source: “They’re not trying to hide it. The bar was packed.”

She’s probably already working on  song titles for this one. Currently in her Trapper Keeper are two possibilities: “I Thought You Were D One” and “Things Got Harry.” Hm, not subtle enough, Taylor.

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