The IRS Seized Lindsay Lohan’s Bank Accounts

Everything is coming up roses for Lindsay Lohan. First she was caught lying to the cops, then her Liz & Dick movie was largely panned, then she punched a psychic who didn’t see it coming and now the IRS has seized her all bank accounts even though Charlie Sheen helped pay off half her $233,904 tax debt. Actually, he helped pay off half of her 2009 – 2010 tax bill. There’s still a little case of the 2011 bill to be taken care of as well.

The IRS felt they had given Lindsay enough time to pay off the debt so they took matters into their own hands by seizing her accounts. They’re probably sitting there scratching their heads right now trying to figure out how to turn pocket lint and desperation into usable currency.

Sources say Lindsay is freaking out about her finances and desperately trying to make some quick cash. *Pushes tongue against cheek, moves imaginary Popsicle in and out of mouth*

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8 years ago

Don’t mess with the IRS. They don’t play around. She’s gonna be doing infomercials soon.

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