Tiki Barber Gives Good Quote

Tiki Barber is the co-host of a new CBS Sports Radio network show which is probably why he was on Howard Stern. Anyway, if his guest appearance is any indication, there should be a lot of good inadvertent soundbites from Tiki that we can use in the future.

Among the two best quotes during his interview, one of them was, “If someone literally sh*ts on me, I’ll still be nice to them.” I wonder where he draws the line on that one. Probably if any gets into his mouth.

The other quote was on parenting. “It’s hard to mess up kids. As long as you don’t beat them, they’ll turn out okay.” Shoot. Not only should he get his own sports show, he should get his own parenting show. What other gems could he possibly have for parents? Probably something along the lines of, “Remember. Verbal abuse doesn’t leave visible scars.”

(via SportsGrid)

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