Michael Bay’s ‘Pain and Gain’ Trailer Is Here

Everybody, stop what you’re doing right now and stare at your computer screen. Pain and Gain, the Michael Bay directed bodybuilder heist movie, finally has a trailer. Marky Mark stars as the stubby-armed protagonist who looks like a human T-Rex lifting weights. The Rock co-stars as his partner. Not his life partner even though it kind of seems that way.

The rumor is Michael Bay filmed Wahlberg washing his Ferrari for his audition but the tape ran out halfway through because Wahlberg spent 2 hrs trying to get his short little arms to reach the center of the hood. No, just kidding. I made that up.

Mark Wahlberg always sounds like he’s running out of breath when he tries to convey emotion. What’s up with that? Did you just run a marathon or something?

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