‘America’s Next Top Model’ Lisa D’Amato Broke Her Face

Lisa D’Amato, winner of the all-star cycle of America’s Next Top Model in 2011, broke her face in a freak accident at a Colorado hotel after wrapping up filming of indie movie Cowboys and Indians.

She explained to PEOPLE, “We were just kind of monkeying around.” She says she was doing a handstand up against a crew member when they fell. D’Amato landed on her face, crushed her nose and then the crew member fell on her cutting her forehead, lips and chin. Wait, how does that work? Was she doing a handstand on broken glass?

They rushed her to the emergency room where a plastic surgeon worked on her nose. “I didn’t have the best nose in the world to begin with. It gave me character,” she jokes. “Now I have a nice little nose job. I get a super cute nose.” You know what they say. When life gives you lemons, get a plastic surgeon to fix your nose.

She said she was pretty upbeat when other people were around but when everyone left, she looked at her blood-covered hands and started crying.

D’Amato posted photos of her recovery on Instagram and Facebook. You just know Chris Brown saved these to his spank bank.

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