Arnold Is Back But No One Cared

Last weekend saw the premiere of The Last Stand, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to the big screen. The film started at at 100% at Rotten Tomatoes but fell to a 56% (you can see our review here). You could say it went down faster than Lindsay Lohan at a Saudi prince’s private party.

Not only did it drop in tomato freshness but it turns out people weren’t too interested in watching an old Austrian guy with an accent shouting out campy one-liners anymore. Go figure. The Last Stand only grossed $2 million on Friday with a four-day gross of just $7.2 million putting it in 10th place.

Surprisingly, horror flick Mama (review will be up for that soon) and Zero Dark Thirty (review here), both starring Jessica Chastain, took the number one and two spots at the box office earning $33 million and $18.7 million respectively.

Meanwhile, Broken City (reviewed), another new release starring Marky Mark and a not so melodious Russell Crowe, took 6th place. Marky Mark wants to know what’s up with that? “Are you fawking retahded or something?” It was a terrible movie, Mark. “Aw, shut up ya queeah!” Now, now, there’s no need for name calling.

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