Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs Fruit Diet Sent Him to the Hospital

jOBS was screened at Sundance last Friday and the reviews are in. The consensus? Meh. Radio Times has a nice review roundup. The Guardian gave it 2 stars saying it “provides an overly reverential and saccharine view of a complex man possessed by ambition.” Meanwhile, CNET said Ashton wasn’t the main problem but that the script fawned over Steve Jobs too much. The Hollywood Reporter, Indiewire and Variety all gave it middling reviews. Suffice to say, this isn’t the biopic you were waiting for. You’re going to have to wait for Aaron Sorkin to finish his script.

Anyhow, trying to hype people up a little at Sundance, Ashton Kutcher talked about how he went on an all fruit diet like the real Steve Jobs and ended up in the hospital with pancreas problems. God, this guy can’t even be method without sucking. All you had to do was eat was fruit, dude.

“First of all, the fruitarian diet can lead to like severe issues,” Kutcher said after the film’s screening. “I went to the hospital like two days before we started shooting the movie. I was like doubled over in pain.

“My pancreas levels were completely out of whack,” Kutcher added. “It was really terrifying … considering everything.” USA Today

Like, I had to go to the hospital and I was all, like, ‘Ow! Doctor, my pancreas!,” and the doctor was all like, “Sir, that’s your intestine your clutching.” Then I was all, “Whatever man. I gotta take a dump.”

Side note: Steve Wozniak was asked to consult on this script but turned it down because he thought it was crap. Instead, he’s consulting on Aaron Sorkin’s version. Additionally, after the preview clip was released last week, Woz said the “personalities are very wrong, although mine is closer… our relationship was so different than what was portrayed.”

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