‘Twilight’ Actor Bronson Pelletier Peed in LAX

Before Christmas, Bronson Pelletier was said to be so wasted at LAX that he was thrown out after publicly peeing in an airport terminal. Bronson denied the report claiming he had been set up by “some guy” who bought him drinks at the airport and then had him thrown off. He said it was an obsessed fan.

That was before actual video surfaced of him whipping out his penis and peeing at the airport gate. The footage shows Bronson stumbling around drunk at the gate while a staff member tries to get him to sit down. He didn’t. Probably because he really needed to pee. Which could explain why he pulled out his penis and started pissing all over the floor. The staff was nice enough to wait. The cop that pushed him to the ground and cuffed him? Not so much.

Didn’t this guy play a werewolf in Twilight? Maybe he’s just very method and was still in character.

A rep for Bronson says he realizes he has a problem and will check into rehab in the future. That or figure out where the urinals are.

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