Christian Bale Talks to a Kid With Leukemia, Is Better Than You

This video is of Christian Bale talking to Zach, an 8-year-old Batman fan with leukemia, for nearly 10 minutes making all of us look bad. God damn you, Christian Bale. Someone give me a sick kid to talk to!

“I don’t know if you can hear it in my voice, but I wasn’t born in America,” Bale said. “I was actually born in a country called England. A lot of people tell me that Seattle is a lot like England, because it’s kind of rainy.”

“The only difference is Seattle isn’t full of wankers like you, hahaha,” cackled Zach. Just kidding. He didn’t say that but I always thought it’d be kind of funny if one of these cancer kids were really sarcastic and mean.

At one point, Bale started telling the kid about how his wife dressed up as Catwoman and visited him on set when he was filming. I’m not sure if Zach fully understood what that was all about and I don’t think his dad pushed his index finger in and out of a hole he made with his two other fingers to give him a hint either.

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