Dina Lohan’s Black Eye Photos

Yesterday, Dina Lohan told the NYDN that Lindsay was so screwed up because she saw Michael beat her when she was a child. Dina said she was talking about it now because Lindsay told her to speak up when she saw an old photo of Dina holding her with a black eye. Naturally, it only took a day for the photos to be released. That’s how quickly it took Entertainment Tonight to negotiate an exclusive with Dina.

In a recent interview with ET’s Christina McLarty, Dina revealed details about the alleged abuse, saying, “I will tell my story … about abuse and how I’ve survived it and how my children have survived it. It shed some light on my children’s behavior, having to witness it.” ET

What a brave soul that Dina Lohan is. Willing to speak out about her abusive marriage. And then sell the photos for profit. Dina is a glass is half-full type of woman.

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