Jason Trawick Stayed With Britney Spears for One Last Score

There were rumors that Jason Trawick had been planning to breakup with Britney Spears for months and that he was going to do it after her X Factor run ended. Well, that happened, but now Us Weekly (via Celebitchy) says he stayed just a little bit longer. Long enough to secure a deal with Caesars Palace that netted him a good chunk of change. It’s like those heist movies where there’s just one last job they do before retiring.

Britney was blindsided! Though the singer, 31, said in a statement January 11 that she and fiance of one year Jason Trawick had “mutually agreed” to end their engagement, sources insist Britney Spears never saw it coming. “He had been planning to break up with her for months,” says an insider. Trawick, who also comanaged Spears’ career, “was using her. He made a big deal for her to get a residence spot at Caesars in Las Vegas, then finally had enough money to end it.” He also cut ties as her coconservator, resigning just hours after split news broke. Adding to Spears’ angst? Her exit from The X Factor, announced less than 24 hours earlier. Though Spears says leaving was her decision, she was, in fact fired, as US first reported in December. Still, the embattled singer is trying to move past the drama. “She has her kids and a lot of work coming up,” says a pal. “And she’s going to be set up on dates with cute guys soon!’

Judging by the last line, the source for this was her mother.

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