Justin Bieber Spit Into a Girl’s Water Bottle

Colette Harrington, a North Carolina radio host, was working out minding her own business at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel gym when in walks Justin Bieber with what looked to be his trainer and possible a backup dancer or singer.

Because girls irrationally gush for Bieber, Harrington went up and asked for a picture. Justin told her no. Colette went back to her workout and that’s when it happened. Justin and his posse started making fun of her.

Says Colette, “I always count out┬áloud my reps. Then Justin starts imitating me and whenever I’d get to 20 he and his buddy would say ‘Shut the F’ck up.'” To be fair, counting reps out loud at the gym is god damn annoying.

Colette ignored them but they kept mocking her. Then someone, she thinks it was Bieber or one of the two in his group, spit blue Gatorade into her water bottle when she wasn’t looking. Not looking at her bottle, she accidentally drank some of it.

Harrington says she filed a complaint but the hotel would neither confirm or deny her claims.

Don’t worry, Harrington. It gets better. And pretty soon, actually. Colette is planning to sell the spit-bottle on eBay and use the profits to upgrade the kitchen at her local Ronald McDonald house where she volunteers. Granted, the auction could be a little iffy because the description is “1 water bottle that Justin may or may not have spit in.” So, it’s going to be a gamble on whether you get Justin’s spit or just some random guy’s spit. Though, newsflash, you’re buying spit.

Reps for Bieber say Colette has it all wrong. Bieber and his trainer were mocking each other. See? Perfectly reasonable explanation. Justin’s trainer was probably all like, “1.. 2… 3…,” and Bieber was all like, “Ha ha, no you idiot. It’s more like 1… 2… 3… dur dur dur.”

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