Justin Bieber Was Smoking Weed

If you haven’t heard, a photog was killed last week because he thought he was onto a huge story. He believed Justin Bieber was smoking weed at his hotel. Naturally, he followed Justin’s white Ferrari thinking Justin was in the car. He thought he had something big when police pulled the Ferrari over but the day ended in tragedy when the photog was killed by a car while snapping pictures. To make matters worse, Justin wasn’t even in the car. It was his friend Lil Twist and someone else.

Well, the photog was sort of vindicated over the weekend when TMZ released pictures of Justin Bieber smoking a blunt at a party inside a Newport Beach hotel room. The photos were taken a day after the paparazzo was killed. Sources say Bieber’s friend Lil Twist rolled the blunts while everyone hot boxed the room.

Gasp! A teenager smoking weed? Someone get me my fainting couch. Stat!

Also, TMZ says a girl not named Selena crashed in the hotel room with Justin. It’s unclear if Justin got any. Probably not. Per Justin, girls are icky.

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