Lady Gaga Scientifically Proven to Have Bored the Internet

According to a report done by the very official sounding AccuraCast, Lady Gaga has bored the internet. This obvious conclusion was reached not by counting the number of sighs when shown a picture of her in a new outfit but with math. Boring old math. The report says interest is her is waning when it should be increasing.

GaGa’s latest album Born This Way has so far sold 4 million less copies than her debut The Fame, and her recent tour has reportedly experienced low ticket sales in some regions.

The search engine marketing agency – citing data from Google Trends – has described the decline in the performer’s internet presence as “astonishing”.

The report claims that GaGa’s recent internet popularity should be greater considering the launch of her ‘Born This Way Ball’ tour, starting up her own social network and launching a new fragrance in the past year.

She has also made headlines in the past year for opening up about her battle with bulimia, and was criticized by Peta for wearing fur on more than one occasion. Digital Spy

You mean to say people quickly lose interest in someone who’s been using the same schtick for years without ever evolving? Will Ferrell is shocked, shocked, I tell you!

  • Nate Fanfare

    Like Dr. Dre? Or Dr. Teeth? Or Dr. John?

  • Atomic Rat

    Why do the squirrels who make a bunch of money for doing basically nothing then have to turn into some spiritual quackery bullshit like this? And women are the fucking worst.

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