Lance Armstrong Admits to Oprah He Used Banned Substances

On a very special edition of Oprah’s new talk show titled Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater, Lance Armstrong admits he took banned substances during his Tour de France wins and bullied anyone who would try to call him out on it.

He told Oprah that he cheated using EPO, blood doping, transfusions, testosterone and HGH. EPO to boost red cell production and oxygen take and blood transfusions when testing for EPO became more accurate. The testosterone and HGH were for building muscle, pain management and recovery. Armstrong explained he tried to use his lack of a nut to justify his testosterone use. “I have but one nut!,” he cried. No, no he didn’t but it would be funny if he did.

Lance also admitted to being a bully in the sense that he “tried to control the narrative.” Not only would he sue reporters accusing him of cheating for libel, he’d distance himself from doctors who were caught and ridicule anyone who tried to out him. Oprah even reminded him he once arrogantly said to his accusers, “I’m sorry that you don’t believe in miracles.”

That quote pretty much shows how much Lance Armstrong started buying into his own hype and attempted to justify cheating in his mind. It’s like a girl getting breast implants and saying to a girl with an A-cup, “Well, I guess we can’t all be gifted like me.”

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