Leonardo DiCaprio Taking an Acting Sabbatical

Speaking to German press outlet Bild, Leonardo DiCaprio says he’s pooped and taking a break from film. “I am a bit drained. I’m now going to take a long, long break. I’ve done three films in two years and I’m just worn out,” said Leo.

Three films in two years? Slow down there, champ. You don’t want to pull an acting hammie.

So what’s Leo going to do in his free time? Not dress up a mannequin and dance around with it in the living room as if it was a real woman if that’s what you were thinking. And that probably was what you were thinking. No, he’s going to “fly around the world doing good for the environment.” Much like Captain Planet but probably without the five fist bumping kids and the mullet. Probably.

Trying to not sound like one of those celebrities that takes up causes just for publicity, Leo made sure people know he’s for real. He explained, “My roof is covered with solar panels. My car is electric. A normal person does not drive more than 50 kilometres (31 miles) a day. That can be done with a plug.”

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but it’s definitely possible for a normal person to drive more than 31 miles a day. Especially if this is a normal working person whose normal job is 25 miles away making it a 50 mile per day drive. Other than that, this is pretty commendable. Though flying could be a little counterproductive what with all the air pollution but no one tell him that. Let him have his moment.

  • Daemon Calibos

    Ten years from now she will be suing him over “inappropriate” behavior. These sluts want their fifteen minutes of fame and then complain about it.

  • AussieDan

    Personally, I think she looked way better as a brunette.

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