Lindsay Lohan Turns Down $550,000 ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Offer

In surprising news, there may still be a little bit of dignity left in the dark recesses of Lindsay Lohan’s nicotine filled soul. Oddly enough, this may be Lindsay’s downfall.

According to TMZ, she turned down a $550,000 offer to appear on the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars. Why? By the sounds of it, Lindsay thinks reality TV is beneath her. Oh, so now we have lines. The non-crossing variety, not the snorting variety. Considering this girl still owes back taxes and is pretty much Hollywood poison after the NYT piecehalf a million wouldn’t have hurt.

A source says Lindsay is telling friends she’d never do reality TV and wants to stick to films. Because film has been working out so well for her, you see, what with those string of movies she did with $30 million opening weekends. Oh, wait. That never happened.

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