Lindsay Lohan Is So Screwed, Wants Shawn Holley Back

Lindsay Lohan fired her long time lawyer Shawn Holley last week. The same lawyer who worked miracles to keep her out of jail multiple times. Lindsay hired New York attorney Mark Heller to take her place. Because she’s an idiot, you see.

According to TMZ, Mark Heller can only rep Lindsay in her lying to the cops case if he gets a sponsor who can practice law in California. That little problem was solved when Heller found Lindsay Berger Sacks, who hasn’t practiced law in California since 1996. She was admitted to practice law in 1994 and became inactive 2 years later opting to become a LA socialite for the next 7 years. Sacks only reactivated her membership Tuesday. Heller is now asking Lindsay’s case files be forwarded to Berger Sacks.

Lindsay realizes she made a terrible mistake and is begging Shawn Holley to come back. Holley, who Lindsay still owes money to, isn’t having it. She’s done and is in the process of filling out paperwork to withdraw from the case.

To illustrate the vast difference in quality between these two lawyers, think of it this way. When Shawn Holley speaks, dramatic Hans Zimmer music plays. When Mark Heller speaks, it would just be the theme from Benny Hill.

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